Our triathlon not only benefits the participating children, but also the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Profits will be donated to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation dedicated to finding a cure for juvenile diabetes! For more information about Juvenile Diabetes visit http://jdrf.org


June 23th 2019



Bayouland YMCA

103 Vahli Blvd

Houma, La 70360

RACE DAY AGE is the child's age as

of December 31st, 2019


**This event is owned and operated by Mighty Kids Triathlon, Inc., not the YMCA. Please direct any questions or comments to the Race Directors on the Contact page on our site. Thank you


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USA Triathlon Bicycle Equipment Rules

1. The bicycle must be road worthy and in safe operating condition.

2 . There must be at least one working brake on each of the two wheels unless the bicycle was manufactured with only one brake, in which case, the working brake shall be on the rear wheel.

3 . Only standard drop, straight, or curved handlebars are allowed. No aero of time trail bars may be attached to the bike or used during competition. All handlebars ends shall be solidly plugged.

4 . No disk wheels or wheel covers are allowed.

5 . Race officials reserve the right to disallow any bicycle deemed unsafe. Any unusual bicycle must be approved by race officials prior to competition,

6 . No Aero Helmets


We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors for making Mighty Kids Triathlon possible! We are so thankful for your support of our event and helping to increase the health and fitness of our children!! You are awesome!



The Mighty Kids Triathlon mission is to improve the health of our children in a time when childhood obesity is on the rise. Our goal is to motivate kids to get active by introducing them to triathlon, as it is a sport that encourages a healthy lifestyle and positive self esteem. Lifestyle patterns can be established in younger years and we believe that triathlon focuses on children’s physical, mental, and social development.

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