Range VS Regular Golf Balls

Range VS Regular Golf Balls

The distance, speed, spin, and roll of your strokes will vary depending on the type of golf ball you use like range balls, fresh golf balls, recycled golf balls, refurbished golf balls, etc. Wear and Tear, according to Free Online Golf Tips, not only dulls the lacquer coating but also leaves marks and scratches on the ball.


Ex-head of equipment for the United States Golf Association Frank Thomas points out that golf range balls and retail golf balls have distinct builds. When designed to withstand the abuse that golfers dish out on driving ranges, they feature a tougher cover and a heavier coat of paint.


Golf driving ranges often have a restricted amount of room. Lower compression range balls are commonly purchased by golf driving ranges in an effort to discourage golfers from hitting balls over the netting. Golfers with shorter drives and more leisurely swing speeds can benefit from low-compression range balls.

Balls of a Particular Kind

Balls designed to go lesser distances are sometimes used at ranges that are otherwise severely limited in terms of available space. The Cayman golf ball, designed by Jack Nicklaus, has a range that is almost half that of a standard ball. Despite being the same diameter as a golf ball, it's about half as heavy.

Good Old USA

Free Online Golf Tips recommends disregarding the distance of your shots taken at the range due to the varying quality of range balls. If you're hitting a 6-iron at the range as far as your 7-iron with the same solid contact, but seeing a smaller distance on the course, don't worry; it's probably just the quality of the range balls.

Testing Long-Range Balls

On my golf course, you can choose between a restricted-flight ball and a standard practise model. I took some of each to see how they stacked up against a high-end ball. I conducted my evaluations with a Snell Golf MTB Black helmet.

Standard For Range Balls

It's not even close to true that all range balls are the same. The quality of your range balls will vary widely depending on where you hit them and the level of exclusivity of the golf club you're using. You might expect to see some high-end golf balls on the driving range at private country clubs where members pay hefty annual dues.

Restricted Flight Ball

Some practise balls are made specifically to have shorter range than regulation golf balls. Even though 300-400 yards is ideal for a driving range, sometimes that's just not possible. If there is a house or building behind the driving range that could be damaged by a stray golf ball, the golf course will likely switch to a limited flight golf ball.


Driving range distance markers are usually pretty accurate for the typical golfer.If you want to improve your game, one of the best things you can do is to practise your swing and get a feel for your distances on the driving range. On the course, you might be able to hit the ball five yards further than in practise.