How to play badminton like a pro

How to play badminton like a pro

Watching the badminton shuttlecock move from side to side during a match is usually very interesting. You will easily get excited when you see this item move. Here is how to learn to play badminton professionally.

Fall in love with the sport

Badminton may not be one of the most common sports played globally, but it is one of the most interesting. However, the little popularity it has makes it one game that not many people are familiar with. If you, however, want to learn badminton at the pro level, you need to ensure that you love the sport. Please read about it, research, and get badminton news.

Understand the rules

The rules of the game are the most crucial part of its play. We know it is a sport that uses rackets to play the shuttlecock to each player divided by a net. But that is far from knowing the rules. It is a game of 21, and whoever reaches that figure first is the winner of the game.

Understand the court dimensions

Badminton is a sport similar to tennis, but it does not require space on a tennis court. The court is always a rectangle, with the length being 13.4 meters and the width being 6.1 meters. The net is always in between the court at the midpoint, at 6.7m. The size of the net is the same as the width of the play.

Watch people play and handle their bats

Learning badminton as a sport will excite you a lot. You may be pushed to want to know the sport by trying. But a better way to do that is to watch people play and train in the sport before learning on your own. That way, you have seen, and your brain has an idea of what to do with the sport.

Understand the faults and their penalties

Badminton is a sport, and like every game, there are rules. For these rules to hold more power, there are penalties given when you break the rules. The regulations in badminton hover around the shuttlecock being into play and hitting the net. Also, whenever you serve the shuttlecock, your hands should be above your waist.

Learn how to hit the shuttlecock

The shuttlecock in badminton is like the tennis ball is in tennis. The main idea is to hit it with much speed faster than your opponent's catch or to hit it strategically to a position away from the opponent.

Get your grip if the bat well

Holding the bat is probably the most crucial part of playing badminton. It will determine how conveniently you can catch a service, how you can serve, and how you can return the opponent's service. If you do not hold the bat well, you may manage to play, but not against an expert.


Badminton is an excellent sport to take up and play for fun, especially if you have friends or family who can play with you. If you want to get better at the game, though, you'll need to put in some extra effort to practice and improve your skills. But once you get the hang of it, badminton can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!